Welcome to the Agricultural Outlook Center homepage.

The agricultural outlook project investigates and analyzes weather, cultivation areas, crop situations, production, stocks, consumption trends, and foreign information related to major agricultural products, and provides information on supply and demand and prices in advance. Although agriculture depends on the natural environment, farmers can adapt to the change of conditions through predictions, and prepare supply and demand measures beforehand.

The Agricultural Outlook Center helps farmers make sound decisions through forecasting supply and demand and prices of 35 items. Our center publishes monthly reports by item, and provides the trends in agriculture and the rural economy for researchers and policymakers. We comprehensively examine and forecast Korean and foreign changes in environment and trends related to agriculture and forestry by holding the Agricultural Outlook Conference in January every year.

Our center has established the outlook system through trial and error and experiences, and supplements outlook techniques every year to improve the quality of predictions. We will be devoted to our role with pride and a sense of responsibility as Korea's only and exclusive organization for the agricultural outlook.

Thank you.

Director, Gouk Seung-Yong, Ph.D