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Inducement of Production and Shipment Control by Farmers and Producer Groups
  • Inducement of self-reduction of cultivation area by sending alarms during the investigation of the intention to grow
Use as direct reference material for storage, shipment and transaction by agricultural cooperatives, distributors, wholesalers and retailers
  • The sales and supervision staff of local agricultural cooperatives make decisions on sales and give guidance to farmers based on the monthly Report on outlook.
  • The on-site distributors (collectors) can use the monthly Report on outlook as a portable reference source.
  • The outlook results are used as reference price for auction at the wholesale market.
Used by the Government as Reference Material for Stabilizing the Supply and Demand and Price
  • Used as reference material for price stabilization, on-site disposal, and quality control of agricultural and livestock products
  • Contribution : 1.1% of the total production value of 11.6164 trillion won
Used for Education and Guidance of Farmers by Local Agricultural Cooperatives, Agricultural Technology Service Centers and Local Governments
  • The agricultural outlook material is used the most in the education and guidance of farmers
  • The sales and guidance staff of local agricultural cooperatives make decisions on sales and gives guidance to farmers