Introduce of Business / Vision&Object

  • History
  • agVision
  • agContent
  • agOrganization
  • agPerformance
  • agEffect
  • agUtilization
  • Contribute to stable supply and demand of domestic agricultural products and increase farm income by item as a world-renowned
    • - agricultural outlook forecasting institute
  • Core Competence: Information gathering ability - analyzing ability - predicting ability
  • Business Objectives
    • - Production of highly reliable agricultural outlook and information
    • - Increase the utilization of agricultural outlook and information
    • - Extend the fields of agricultural outlook business
Development of Agricultural Outlook
  • Raising Outlook Accuracy
    • - Expansion of sample farmhouse and monitoring system in order to reduce sample errors and raise reliability
    • - Effective use of RFID(Radio-Frequency Identification) and satellite information
    • - Establish an elaborate measurement model and secure econometric experts
  • Raising the Timing of Outlook
    • - Publication of prompt reports that can track and monitor products and market situation
    • - Development of early warning index for international grain prices as well as the operation of the system
    • - Using various communication means such as e-mail or SMS(Short Message Service) for prompt circulation of information
  • Raising the Efficiency of Outlook
    • - Consolidate item-based production and distribution organizations and the policy network
    • - Consolidating consumption outlook reflect changes of demand in production
    • - Securing workers and finance is necessary for mid and long-term development