Welcome Farmers!

This is the Agricultural Outlook Center that guides Korean agriculture.

The Center supports rational decision-making on farming and agricultural management by providing farmers and distributors with information on production, distribution, and foreign trends affecting farm prices.

We at the Center will always do our best.

Thank you.

Development of Agricultural Outlook
Raising Outlook Accuracy
  • - Expansion of sample farmhouse and monitoring system in order to reduce sample errors and raise reliability
  • - Effective use of RFID(Radio-Frequency Identification) and satellite information
  • - Establish an elaborate measurement model and secure econometric experts
Raising the Timing of Outlook
  • - Publication of prompt reports that can track and monitor products and market situation
  • - Using various communication means such as e-mail or SMS(Short Message Service) for prompt circulation of information
Raising the Efficiency of Outlook
  • - Consolidate item-based production and distribution organizations and the policy network
  • - Consolidating consumption outlook reflect changes of demand in production
  • - Securing workers and finance is necessary for mid and long-term development